Weldome to idyllic cultural landscape with only nature’s own sounds as music.

    In the early or late hours of the day you might experience the deers grassing, mouse seaching for food, or the eagle soaring above you.
    The Ranch animals you find grassing around, and everyone gets happy if you say hallo.
    If you want to ride horses, this can be arranged both on riding-court or even mustering cattle from the horseback. Kids can play, feed and cuddle with all the animals on the Ranch, including dog, cats, goats, hens, cattle and horses.

    400 m from the Ranch you find our great nature-spot. Perfect place to barbeque and enjoy beautiful wief of the fjort, mountain and sky. Large dining table, coal-barbeque, bonfire-place, gapahuk, and toilet.

    Winter-time there is normally good skiing conditions, both around the Ranch and at Nortug Stadium just a few minutes drive away.

    Both sea and lake is easy to access for swimming and fishing.
    For guaranteed hot water (40 degrees all year) you can bathe in our jacuzzi just outside our main door.

    If you additionally wants to seek other activies – there is a lot to choose from.

    The Golden Road is an internationally known gathering of local tourist attractions. You find several things from art, beautiful places, taste of locally poduced drinks, and so much more.
    Check their webpage to see updated opening hours and offers.

    If you can drive a bit further in the region – it might be worth to check the webpage of Visit Innherred.

    Nationally and also internationally Inderøy is quite known, and often called Norway’s Toscana. Beautiful cultural landscape with a lot to see and do. Come and enjoy!